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Core Principles

The difference between APEX Asset Advisors and other financial firms is simple, and it boils down to its core principles. Core principles – or values – are the fundamental beliefs of an organization. From day one until today, Tim Poole has ensured that he has followed the core principles that not only ensure his success – but also yours.

APEX Asset Advisor core principles, which are at the forefront of everything they do, are being direct, being honest and taking the journey together with each client.


We're Direct

We believe in being open, transparent and direct with our clients. Just like there are peaks and plateaus when you climb a mountain, there are times when you earn and periods when your portfolio may flatten while you pay for a dream trip, car or other purchase. We want you to make decisions that are fact-based, so it’s important to us to be truthful and direct with you. Always.

We're Honest

We have a legal and moral obligation to do the right thing when it comes to managing our clients’ finances. We take that to heart. That means you will get candid advice from APEX Asset Advisors – always. We won’t hide anything behind our backs. You will always get the truth and our frank recommendations will always be made on your behalf.

We're on the Journey Together

Once you partner with APEX Asset Advisors, we’re a team. We’re here to climb the mountain of financial success. We’ll plan the trails to travel, we’ll pack the gear we need and we’ll check the weather often to ensure safety. We’re with you every step to make the ascent successful. We enjoy the challenge and want you to enjoy the views.

“Leading your life honestly and truthfully will create trust and friendship.”

14th Dalai Lama

APEX Asset Advisors

Always Ascending.

We guide our clients on their financial journeys by making well-researched, solid financial decisions that create financial freedom while allowing space for bringing dreams to life. APEX Asset Advisors provides investment management, financial planning, wealth management, tax planning and estate planning, and is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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